How Students Learn Best!

Christopher Avenue Community School (CACS)

At CACS we believe students learn best in a student centered inquiry-based environment. In this environment students are encouraged to investigate, explore, and research ideas and concepts that will further their understanding of the world around them. Questioning and discussions are used to push students thinking and further conversations around problem solving and inquiry. Students learn best when they are given actionable teacher feedback (based on quality assessments) that includes praises affirmations and next steps that are designed to build student confidence and inspires a drive to achieve excellence.

We believe student learn best when they know their efforts are celebrated and appreciated.

The following CACS classroom routines and practices align with our school community’s beliefs about how students learn best:

  • Classrooms print rich with student work
  • Actionable(individualize, purposeful, standard based, next step) teacher feedback attached to student work
  • Teachers giving verbal feedback, next steps, correcting errors, praise and affirmations during instruction
  • Engaging student discussions
  • Students generating and asking questions
  • Questions design to facilitate discussion and assessment
  • Teachers assessing for understanding and collecting data throughout the lesson
  • Students self assessing and reflecting on their work and process used
  • Technology being used to investigate concepts and conduct research

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